Smile Makeover

Smile aesthetics combines one or more dental procedures to improve your smile from cosmetic dentistry. It will cooperate with your requirements so that it is ready to go.

consult you

Your Smile Change treatment will begin with a comprehensive consultation with your doctor, who will review your medical history and perform a full oral examination to determine your candidacy. He or she will discuss your aesthetic goals and explain the procedures most appropriate for your unique situation.

Treatment schedule

Since each change is customized to each patient’s goals, the schedule will depend on the specifics of your treatment plan. The schedule can be extended if the doctor recommends preparatory procedures such as deep cleaning, root canal treatment, or fillings before starting treatment.

Combined treatments

Your customized treatment plan can combine cosmetic procedures for a beautiful smile:

Teeth whitening: This treatment is a quick and convenient way to lighten your teeth with a whitening agent. Teeth whitening can be done as an in-clinic or at-home treatment.

e-max veneers: e-max veneers are thin veneers made specifically to mask and strengthen the front teeth. These realistic restorations can mask discoloration, close gaps between teeth, improve the appearance of crooked teeth, and dramatically change patients’ smiles while preserving the natural shape and color of their teeth.
Dental bonding is a resinous compound used to hide a number of different aesthetic defects. Bonding can correct chips, fill in gaps, or disproportionately sculpt teeth.

Gum sculpting: Gum sculpting can reshape and remove small portions of gum tissue. This treatment can flatten the gum line or remove excess tissue for a “gum-less” smile.
Tooth reshaping: This procedure removes tiny amounts of enamel to reshape the teeth.

Invisalign®: Invisalign® A series of clear alignment trays that gently straighten teeth. For severe misalignment issues, conventional orthodontics may be a more appropriate option.
Tooth-colored fillings: a more aesthetic solution to minor tooth decay or damage, as these fillings, blend seamlessly with your teeth. We can also replace marked silver amalgam fillings for a more natural smile.
Porcelain crowns: A porcelain crown can repair or replace damaged or missing teeth for beautiful cosmetic results.