Fix your gummy smile with an aesthetic crown length

Your gummy smile with an aesthetic crown length

A beautiful smile is often attributed to straight white teeth. But truthfully, a picture-perfect smile begins with healthy gums. A gummy smile simply occurs when a patient smiles and too much gum tissue is exposed. Many patients, they are born with an excessive amount of gum tissue covering the roots of their teeth, which makes their teeth appear much shorter than they actually are. Although the underlying teeth may be healthy, they are hidden under the gum tissue, resulting in the teeth appearing like a baby.

The aesthetic crown lengthening process

Aesthetic crown lengthening is a surgical procedure that can be used to improve a gummy smile. A gummy smile is caused by an excess of gum tissue covering the teeth creating a short, child-like appearance. This advanced periodontal technology involves removing excess gum tissue, redefining the gum line to reveal more natural teeth, and creating a fuller, more attractive smile. When preparing for dental restoration in the event of a functional crown lengthening, the underlying bone can be modified to allow your periodontist to place a permanent restoration such as the crown.

Aesthetic crown lengthening is usually performed under local and intravenous anesthesia. The duration of the procedure will depend on the number of teeth being treated and whether any amount of bone with soft tissue has to be removed. Once the periodontist has reached an aesthetically pleasing crown length, the treated area is cleaned and restored to the perfect appearance. Doctors lengthen the aesthetic crown to give their patients a full, natural looking smile.