About Us


The dream clinica group consists of a medical team of the best doctors of oral and maxillofacial surgery and plastic surgery accredited by the Turkish Ministry of Health and holders of the highest certificates working together to provide an integrated service covering all operations in the head and neck area from dental implants to jaw and face plastic surgery to achieve harmony and high aesthetics for all our patients

Our Goals in Dream Clinica:

  • To offer international scientific developments in all service areas of our hospitals,
  • Ensuring that new values ​​are added to everything we do while meeting the needs and expectations of the society we serve, 
  • To contribute to the health education of patients and their relatives, and therefore our whole society, 
  • To create systems that create ‘added value’ that will positively reflect personal performance to corporate performance, 
  • To ensure the satisfaction of our patients and relatives at the highest level,
  • Ensuring that all personnel working in Dreamclinica are professionals who have the knowledge and experience to perform their duties well and correctly, 
  • To serve with zero error.

Our Mission:

Prioritizing patient safety, using modern information and cutting-edge technology without compromising ethical values, supporting a continuous education policy; To make our hospital the most preferred healthcare institution with our services focused on the satisfaction of patients, relatives and employees.

Our vision:

To work in the light of the “ethical” values ​​that we take our name, with the awareness that providing health services is a serious responsibility; To be among the leading hospitals by using the right diagnosis and treatment methods with our innovative, rational, principled and responsible approach.