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Women are exposed to many factors that lead to sagging and atrophy of the breast or its small size, such as; Losing weight, or with repeated pregnancy and breastfeeding, and there are genetic or hormonal reasons, affecting the change in breast size, and other factors, causing severe embarrassment for her in the community, being one of the most important manifestations of her femininity and beauty, which makes the process of small breast augmentation by nature, to obtain A breast in harmony with the body’s shape, by following various exercises or home recipes, or performing breast augmentation operations.

Breast augmentation surgeries are used to make the breasts larger, improve their shape, and give them a more rounded shape, or to get rid of sagging, or to achieve symmetry in the size of the breasts while there was a difference, and breast augmentation is also used as one of the stages of breast cancer treatment. Certain fillings, such as silicone, or saline, may be used.

breast implants
The breast consists of mammary glands and fat, which form its size and shape, and breast implants are natural fillings that are placed in the breast, to give it a larger size, a certain roundness and an attractive shape. It is divided into:

Saline implants, or what are known as saline implants, are implants made of saline solution, placed inside a rubber silicone membrane, that can be filled with different amounts of local solution, to give the breast the desired size, roundness and shape. Breast augmentation surgery using saline, has been more common since the 1990s in The United States, but it is less popular in other countries, as it results in some minor flaws, such as; Skin wrinkling, breasts not appearing naturally, and noticeable fillings.

Silicone implants, called silicone gel implants, consist of a silicone shell filled with silicone gel, which is a clear viscous liquid, and silicone implants are less dangerous, and give a more natural appearance to the breast. According to the size and shape of the breast, skin type, and body shape, in addition to the nature of the desired results, and age has an effect in determining the type of fillings. Females over the age of eighteen years can perform breast augmentation using saline fillings only, and women over twenty years of age She can perform the operation using silicone implants, and breast implants are generally approved by the American FDA.

Breast augmentation stages
Breast augmentation is performed for medical or cosmetic reasons. The cosmetic reasons lie in enlarging and modifying the shape of the breast. As for medical reasons, it is a stage of breast cancer treatment, or trauma treatment, such as; burns;

The doctor examines the breast of the next woman to undergo the operation, and identifies the motives that made her resort to breast augmentation.
The medical center performs the necessary examinations and analyzes for the woman who will undergo breast augmentation, such as; A comprehensive blood analysis, to know the levels of sugar and pressure in the blood.
The patient must adhere to the doctor’s instructions that must be followed before undergoing breast augmentation, including; completely abstain from smoking; Because it narrows the veins, reduces the level of oxygen in the blood, and avoids taking any kind of medical drugs that cause blood fluidity, such as; Aspirin, as well as refraining from taking stimulants, such as; Arabic coffee; It affects the anesthesia process. When stimulants are taken a lot before surgical operations, it is difficult to anesthetize the patient, because the body does not respond to the anesthetic, and it must also avoid alcohol and green tea; Because they are blood thinners, they cause bleeding during the operation, and they delay the blood clotting process, for a week before the operation.

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Implant prices; The control made by the dentist is evaluated according to the number of implants needed and the results of the x-ray. Implant prices also vary depending on which of the dental implant types is chosen.