Hair Transplant

About hair transplant
Hair transplant surgery aims to restore lost hair. Millions of people have so far regained their falling hair and overcome baldness through hair transplantation, where tufts of hair are taken from places with abundant hair on the head whose hair has not fallen out to be transplanted in the area that suffers from hair loss and baldness.

Who are the candidates for hair transplantation?
Those who suffer from baldness
frontal hair loss
Patches of hair loss

Before hair transplant
You must refrain from consuming alcoholic beverages (48) hours before the date of the hair transplant operation, and refrain from taking aspirin and vitamin E pills (10) days before the date of the operation, and you must stop taking all medications that prevent blood clotting after the doctor’s approval.

It is better to wash the hair before planting.

It is better to stop using hair tonic and tonic solutions a few days before the procedure.

during hair transplant
There are usually three techniques for hair transplantation, namely:

FIT hair transplantation

The technique of hair transplantation known as FIT or FUE follows the taking of a group of hair follicles called FUG or units of them from the back of the head by a machine called “Holder” or “forceps” and these follicles are implanted in hairless areas and the place of baldness. In fact, hair transplantation Hair with this technique is done in several reviews of the doctor and several operations are performed, where an average of 1000 to 1500 hair follicles are extracted from the back of the head in each review and implanted in the candidate places for hair transplantation.

As for the FIT technique for hair transplantation, it is a painless technique in which local anesthesia is used and is suitable for hair transplantation in small areas such as the beard, eyebrow, eyelashes and mustache, or for those who do not suffer from major baldness, as in cases where it is impossible for any reason to take tissues from the patient’s head.

Technical advantage:

little pain;

Exiting very small amounts of blood;

No dressing or special wound care required;

no trace of wounds remains;

A larger number of follicles can be taken in successive revisions.

FUT hair transplant technique

FUT hair transplantation is done by taking a thin strip of scalp tissue at the back of the head, and it is divided by the specialist doctor and under the microscope for hair transplantation into hair units or FUG, and then special holes are found in the candidate areas for hair transplantation in which hair units are implanted (FUG).

Main Features:

The place of hair transplantation is invisible and not visible to view;

A natural line of hair growth is designed at the front of the head so that it looks very natural;

The hair takes its natural state without ripples or pits in the scalp;

The possibility of taking hair from the back of the head and from the rest of the body, such as the shoulders and chest;

SUT . Hair Transplant

Some specialists in the field of hair transplantation consider the hair transplantation process with the SUT technique to be the latest technology in relation to the rest of the hair transplant techniques such as FIT and FUT, and almost most of its stages are from taking the follicles to transplanting them without using the hands and with automatic devices and under the supervision of the specialist doctor.

Hair transplantation in the SUT technique is similar to the FIT technique for hair transplantation, with the difference that the hair follicles are not taken manually with ordinary forceps, but the process of taking and transplanting hair in this technique is done by laser forceps, by using the laser forceps a group or units of hair follicles are taken from the hair bank Which is usually behind the person’s head and then frozen and transferred to areas with little or no hair. The SUT technique preserves the hair follicles from damage due to its freezing until it is transplanted. Hair transplant specialists claim that less than (1%) of the hair roots are damaged, dry or stiff during the stages of harvesting and transplantation in the SUT technique.


The most important features of SUT hair transplantation

Hair transplantation is done with the SUT technique after a local anaesthesia, and the hair follicles are taken in the same way as the FIT technique, with the difference that the laser forceps preserve the follicles and prevent their damage, and the operation is more successful, and the other advantage of this technique is its speed, so that no less than ( 10) Thousands of hair follicles from different parts of the body in each review, and because of this high speed, the hair transplantation process with the SUT technique usually ends in one day, unlike the rest of the techniques. The other advantages of the SUT technique are the hair growth line that is naturally, the absence of Pain or bleeding, after which there is no need for a recovery and health care course because the hand is not used in the operation.

1-2 Sessions

Number of Sessions

20 min.

Session Duration

Local anesthesia


3-7 Days



Back to Work

3-4 Weeks

Full Recovery





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Frequently asked Questions

Implant prices; The control made by the dentist is evaluated according to the number of implants needed and the results of the x-ray. Implant prices also vary depending on which of the dental implant types is chosen.