Gummy smile treatments can give you an amazing smile

If you’re familiar with the term gummy smile or maybe have a gummy smile, you know that one of the most frustrating things about a gummy smile is that it can make you feel shy when smiling. If you are not familiar with gummy smiles, it describes a condition in which the upper teeth appear very short due to excessive gum tissue covering the teeth. With the advanced treatments now available to remove excess gum tissue, we can solve the problem with minimally invasive procedures such as cosmetic crown lengthening or non-surgical lip repositioning, allowing patients to smile again. other with confidence. One of the reasons why many patients turn to periodontists is to increase the aesthetics of their smiles. If you’re feeling less confident about your latex-looking smile, too, read more below about how to spot and fix it.

Many people suffer from large saliva and small teeth

According to statistics, about 10 – 15% of all people on earth have a so-called gummy smile or a gummy smile with prominent gums and a small amount of teeth showing. How does it look? It is usually a smile in which you can see more than 2 mm of the upper gum. Exposure to a smile of less than two millimeters from the upper gums is normal. The ideal option is a smile in which the gums do not appear at all, only the upper incisors are visible, and the lower front teeth are either not visible at all or are slightly visible