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Due to the relevant laws, we cannot share photos before and after the aesthetic process. You can contact us via the form below to request before and after images. If you wish, from our whatsapp line; You can write ‘I request a before and after image’. Our relevant department officer will share these images with you privately.

  • There is absolutely no visual sharing on social media or on our website regarding the images before and after the hair transplant. Likewise, images of the before and after of other aesthetic applications are not publicly published on public channels.
  • Before and after breast aesthetics images cannot be published on public channels. For this reason and within the framework of ethical rules, you should request before and after images and wait for our experts to share them with you on the whatsapp line.
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Thank you for your understanding and we wish you a healthy day.

About Before and After Images

Before and after images; It is the name given to the photographs that people who will have an aesthetic and cosmetic procedure take as a reference before having this procedure. These images, which are stored with the permission of people who have plastic surgery, hair transplantation or dental aesthetics at estethica, are completely based on real customer data. In this customer data, we take care not to show the faces or other identifying parts of the people. In addition to our sensitivity about before and after photos, it is very important for us to provide long-term control of our patients. For this reason, we can measure both the condition of our patients and the reaction of their bodies to the aesthetic operation.

To give an example from the before and after rhinoplasty images; First of all, we take a quality photo of our patient from several angles just before the operation. Then, our patient has nose surgery and we take another photo a few hours after she leaves. We re-photograph the nose contour, which is gradually shaped with the disappearance of small edemas that occur after rhinoplasty. During the recovery period after the last rhinoplasty, we ask our patients for direct photos or we take them during their controls. Thus, the rhinoplasty process was completely photographed; it is stored as both a pleasant memory and a reference.

See Changes Before and After Aesthetics

If you are going to have plastic surgery or are planning to have it; In your search for an aesthetic hospital, choose institutions that can offer you before and after images. BEFORE AND AFTER IMAGES ARE NOT AVAILABLE ON OUR WEBSITE, depending on the broadcast and advertising bans that our hospital is affiliated with, but we can send these images as an example to your private WhatsApp number upon your request. In the form below, you can select the medical unit for which you want before and after images.

  • Our WhatsApp line to request before and after images from our team : +90 850 222 38 45
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