What causes a gummy smile?

What causes a gummy smile?

There are things that can cause a gummy smile to the early growth and development of the jawbone, the end of tooth eruption, and its effect on the appearance of the gums, some of the common causes of a gummy smile:

Abnormal eruption of your teeth: the affectionate eruption of new teeth, resulting in a sunken smile.

Your upper lip muscle is overactive or overactive: Some people have an overactive upper lip where the muscles responsible for controlling the skin under the nose can cause your lip to rise more than usual and expose a lot of gums, resulting in the appearance of a nice smile.
Maxillary overgrowth (VME): How your jaw has grown and developed can affect the appearance of your smile. Maxillary overgrowth, called vertical maxillary growth (VME), usually causes the gums to swell, resulting in a gummy smile.
Variable passive eruption (APE): The altered negative eruption of the ape is primarily caused by genetic or developmental factors that create excessive soft tissue on the surface of the tooth, resulting in a gummy smile.

Microdentia (Tiny Teeth): Teeth that are small compared to the gums due to heredity or erosion will create an excessive presentation of the gums.
How to fix a chewing gum smile
Whether you have a lot of gum tissue or the natural position of your lips exposes a lot of your upper gums, there are several popular treatments to help you fix your gummy smile, which we’ll discuss further below. Depending on your specific needs, treatment options will vary

What is the best treatment for a gum smile?

A smile with gums is often a purely aesthetic problem that does not affect and does not depend on dental health. However, it is best to schedule a consultation to further understand the reasons for the appearance of gums. When the causes are known, the doctor will suggest the appropriate method to correct the excessive gum tissue, and you will be able to choose the time of treatment. Our doctors are experts in the treatment options used to improve the smile line and repair the gummy smile.

Depending on the amount of gum tissue each patient has and their specific needs, we may suggest one of the following appropriate treatment options such as:

Aesthetic crown lengthening
Surgical repositioning of the lip
Non-surgical lip repositioning (Botox)
lip surgery